The importance of adapting sustainability in our daily lives is rightly expressed in Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
The reason we need sustainable clothing is because fashion and environment will thrive in its true essence only when they learn coexist in harmony. Conversations around sustainable and eco-friendly clothing have become a staple in the industry wherein brands are aiming to become more conscious and mindful. What we need, is to go back to our roots and revive our connection with nature for a better tomorrow.
What is Sustainable Fashion?
Sustainable Fashion is the way for brands to create fashion by not harming the environment in the process. It is done by being thoughtful about the future of human beings and nature, and finding alternate means of fabric. Some of the major parameters to arbitrate sustainable fashion include: animal cruelty free, plant friendly and social good.
This goes beyond a brand’s image and dwells deeper into the means through which clothing is manufactured and how the system can be improved through ethical means.
Here are some of the benefits of Sustainable Clothing:
Animal Safety and Preservation
The leather industry is one of the major consumers of animal skin which makes it a large reason behind animal slaughter. By opting for alternate means, we will not only save lives of these animals but also help the environment flourish. We have a moral and ethical responsibility which was being neglected under the guise of fashion which has been brought to light by the promotion of sustainable fashion.  
Conserving natural resources
Recycling is an important component of sustainable clothing which in turn results in lesser use of natural resources. Non organic clothing requires a lot of chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres and many other chemicals, this puts pressure on the usage of our natural resources and invariably affects the health of our environment.
Value for human life
People working in factories are expose to endless number of harmful substances that affect their health and force them to work in poor conditions. Humanity takes a back seat as these workers are made to work for unhealthy longer hours to meet the needs of fast fashion. When we make a choice to opt for sustainable clothing, we’re making a choice to give these labourers a better life and ensure their safety.
 Helping local farmers
Sustainable clothing is heavily dependent on organic farming as the main raw materials used in it include wool, cotton, hemp, organic fibres.  The principle used is ‘farm to fashion’; It not only boots agriculture, but also helps local farmers whose livelihood depends on it.
Empowering women
Sustainable Fashion advocates fair trade which means women are treated as equals to their male counterparts when it comes to income and work. This is a big win for women, especially in developing countries where they are still fighting for equality. It also helps them become independent in order to lead a life on their own terms.
Promoting ‘love’ towards planet earth
The textile and garment industry put a lot of pressure on our natural resources and human life. Sustainable clothing is a way of living that promotes reusing your clothes, using old fabric to create new outfits, using natural and plant-based fibres and dyes, promoting a healthy working culture for artisans and labourers, not consuming any animal leather, sustainable clothing requires less water in the process of making a garment and making conscious and mindful choices out of will. This promotes the idea of loving our planet and helping our environment flourish.
Longer life for clothes  
Most Sustainable clothing brands are handcrafted which makes the designs fresh and unique. It is also not produced in bulk, but the materials used are stronger and more reliable resulting in a longer shelf life for the clothes. It reduces buying and helps save money in the entire process.
Let’s create fashion by creating a better future.