GreenTokri Farms was started in 2001 by Indo-German Agriculturist Dr. Marc Cremer and his wife and partners with the idea of growing fresh exotic salads and herbs for direct supply to our customer’s kitchens. The farm is located in the hills in Sasvad near Pune. As the Indian lifestyle is changing, fresh and high quality food is more in demand than ever. Consumers nowadays want to know how and where their daily vegetables and fruits are grown. Purchasing fresh, green leafy salads in India was not easy until GreenTokri came up. With our modern high-technology farming, we are able to grow our healthy crops the whole year around in a hygienic way. Our plants never get in touch with soil and weeds as they are grown in a hydroponic cocopeat substrate. All nutrients are given to the plants by drippers. This is why you can trust each salad to be clean. Besides vegetables and fruits, GreenTokri offers a wide variety of 100% natural processed food such as salad dressings, pestos, pickles, sauces, different types of mayonnaise, jams and syrups, all made from fresh products grown on our farm. We are very proud that we do not use any taste enhancers, flavours, colours or preservatives or any other artificial ingredient. Our products are as fresh and pure as they come from our fields.